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The Woodlands Family Grows (again!)

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hi everyone, I'd like you all to meet the latest additions to the Woodlands family. Smudge is Doris' grandma and she and her two lambs will be joining Doris and Lily in the meadow later this week. I met them yesterday at just one day old. Is there anything cuter than a newborn lamb?

The little black ewe will be called Patch - you can just see she has a pure white patch on the top of her forehead

The little white ram is Pogo

Lily's mum, Scampi, is due to give birth any day now and she and her lamb/s will also be joining us... watch this space.

UPDATE : Scampi turned out to not be pregnant and she has now joined our sheep family in the meadow.

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