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The Alpacas Are Coming!

Exciting things are happening here at Woodlands in 2019, namely 4 Alpacas arriving in the Spring. Our two crias, Willoughby and Bingley, will be 9 months old when they arrive at the end of March and once they are settled in and happy, we will be starting Alpaca Trekking with them. We have beautiful walks from the doorstep and what better way is there to see the scenery, than with an Alpaca in tow?! Details will be posted on the website so watch this space...

Cassiopi and Willoughby - everybody say aaaahhhh!

Cassiopi and Tipsy are two 11 year old girls whose breeding days are over. They will be joining Willoughby and Bingley in the Woodlands Meadow, to spend their days munching on the grass and generally being spoilt rotten. Although they won't be part of the trekking team, they will be available for the 'Hands On' experience where you can groom, pet and feed them. Again, details will be posted so watch this space...

Bingley - he'd just had a good roll around in the mud, he is actually white!

Tipsy - having a bad hair day!

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